Big Journey Journal

Hey friends!
I'm thrilled to announce my brand new passion project Big Journey Journal. The idea is I want to draw my 2023 because I know this year will be complicated and crazy for my family.

You can treat it like a show - one girl is art journaling her life. After all it's pretty interesting.

But for me this journal is a self care project, art journaling therapy. I want to return to regular art practrice and my ability to see beauty in everyday things.

I must to say the language of the journal is Russian. Because it is a very personal story and I want to be completely free composing my posts. But don't worry the journey journal is mostly visual thing and above that Instagram allows to translate words easily.

I invite you to follow the @big.journey.journal on Instagram if you are interested in.

I remember when I used to draw easily in my sketchbook almost every day. It was so fun, organic and relaxing. Recently I found those sketchbooks. Oh my! It is such a pleasure to flip them through. There are two Skillshare classes I created about it. And believe or not I'm going to rewach them to refresh my thoughts and get inspired again.
Sustainable Sketchbook: Create with Recycled Paper & Learn How to Draw
5 WOW Creative Ideas to Fill Your Sketchbook

Aesthetic of my creative process looks like this picture nowadays. It is the windowsill of the bedroom in our rented apartment. Nothing special but I'm in love with this view.

So friends welcome to the Big.Journey.Journal. And who knows maybe It will inspired you too to art journaling your life.