I have been teaching watercolor, sketching, and creative thinking for 7 years.
Over 8,000 students have already benefited from my classes.
Take the first step to unlock your artistic potential and join us today!

Paint realistic watercolor flowers and greenery in 5 step-by-step tutorials packed with practical advice and techniques.

We will paint spring Crocuses, bright Anemones, juicy Greens, whimsical Pistachio branches, and fluffy Mimosa.


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Create craft cozy winter illustrations with a touch of magic.


This creative journey is as captivating as the final artworks, offering you an exciting opportunity to play by your own rules.

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Let’s do magic!

Learn how to draw and paint on tinted paper in 4 easy-to-follow tutorials. If you're looking for fresh inspiration in your creative journey, give drawing and painting on brown craft paper a try.

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A comprehensive guide to creating your own unique art journal

By the end of this course, you'll proudly have your very own sketchbook filled with several beautifully crafted pages, and you will gain the knowledge and inspiration to continue your creative journey.


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Discover 5 WOW ideas to illustrate your daily life, your dreams, and your emotions in an artist's sketchbook.


They are very simple but spectacular and you can easily apply them to your needs.



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Descover Ideas

All you need to start and keep your art journaling journey in one place


You can get these 3 courses for only $60! (Total value of $90)

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Who is the courses for?

  • Beginners and amateur artists who enjoy drawing and painting for fun, relaxation, and as a hobby while seeking inspiration on their creative journey.
  • Experienced artists who are looking for a breath of fresh inspiration in their creative journey.
  •  Those who love experimenting with different techniques and materials.
  • Individuals who appreciate easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials.
  • People who appreciate straightforward methods to achieve brilliant results in their art.



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Skillshare is an absolutely amazing online learning community for creatives. I teach there and learn from others a lot. I totally recommend trying it.

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