How I Fell in Love with Sketching on Brown Paper

Dear friens,

If you've seen my sketchbooks, you know my deep love for brown craft paper. Let me share a story about how I fell in love with drawing and painting on tinted paper.

Back in 2016, I had my second baby and became a full-time mom. I had very little time for work and creativity. Long, calm creative sessions were impossible. So, I made the decision to learn how to draw quickly.

Look at us back in 2016! Keep reading to see us today.

I bought a small sketchbook, a couple of black liners, and colored markers. This kit was with me on every one of my walks with my son. I began sketching people everywhere we went. I drew a lot and had to do it quickly because of my child haha.

That sketchbook had various types of paper, including black and brown craft paper. It was my first time trying sketches on tinted paper, and I instantly fell in love with it. It changed how I thought about drawing and gave a way more creative freedom than I had before.

Here are some of my early sketches on tinted paper.

Later, as some of you may know, I made a sketchbook entirely from recycled paper, and that turned out to be a great creative challenge and adventure. I was profoundly impressed and inspired by the experience, so much so that I even filmed a Skillshare class about it. It was a true pleasure to witness the creation of many student sketchbooks throughout the course. I still consider it as a fantastic journey. You can watch a video tour of that experimental sketchbook on YouTube.

The class is still popular on Skillshare. Check in out: Sustainable Sketchbook: Create with Recycled Paper & Learn How to Draw (you can watch it fo FREE if you are new on Skillshare)

After that, I mostly use homemade sketchbooks that I sew myself. I prefer sketchbooks with various types of paper, including good watercolor paper, smooth paper for graphics, a couple of sheets of black paper, and, of course, brown craft paper. This variety of paper inspires me a lot. Every time I'm about to start a new sketch, I have the freedom to choose the type of paper that best suits the idea I want to depict.

That's why I sincerely invite you to try sketching on brown paper with me. To make it easy, I've created four beginner-friendly, real-time, step-by-step tutorials. All you need is your usual creative materials and a brown paper bag. This experience could be a game-changer in your artistic journey.


I've designed my new class, 'Sketching on Brown Paper,' with the purpose of demonstrating as many ways as possible to draw and paint on brown craft paper.

The first illustration will focus on experimenting with different techniques to depict white (white color on tinted paper always looks beautiful). Afterward, we'll dive into exploring various colors, working with black, and trying out combinations of different mediums.


The videos are in real-time, not sped up, so feel free to grab your supplies and draw along with me.
Join the class.

Here are the very first student reviews:

I invite you to grab your paper bag (haha) and draw with me. It will take about 1 hour. You'll relax and create some lovely illustrations.

Well, that's all I want to share today.
My kids and I wish you a wonderful weekend!