Learn how to start your sketchbook practice and have fun

For several years I've been illustrate my own universe in an artist's sketchbook by mixing styles, materials, and techniques.

In 2021, I felt that I had enough experience, knowledge and desire to share them with you. So, I filmed and published two classes on sketchbook grawing.


The first class is
Sustainable Sketchbook: Create with Recycled Paper & Learn How to Draw
In this class you will get:

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The second class is 5 WOW Ideas for Drawing in Your Sketchbook

The biggest goal of this class is to inspire you to open the sketchbook and start drawing. 5 easy-to-use but spectacular ideas will help you with this. I'll show you a few examples of how each idea can be applied. You will find that even you are a beginer artist you can create WOW illustrations.


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